Meeting God On The Mountain


By David Valentine, co-founder of Rethink
and partner/board member/practitioner of the Veritas Lifestyle and Veritas Life Adventures


When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, with the two tablets of the testimony in his hand as he came down from the mountain, Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone because he had been talking with God.

Last week I returned to hot humid Fort Worth after a week long trip to Montana. As a kid my family used to take us to Montana every other year, but unfortunately when you’re an adult, life gets in the way of taking trips like these on a regular basis. There is something about going to the mountains; I always meet God there.

When you’re in a place with no cell phone reception, terrible wi-fi, and no TV to take your time things move slower. Nature and good conversation become your entertainment. God’s not on the mountain tops of Glacier National Park, any more than He’s in the flat lands of Fort Worth. While there is something to venturing into nature and seeing God, I believe the reason I meet God in the mountains is…

…there’s a lot less noise.

How often do you have some piece of audio or visual stimulation in your day? If you’re like me there is rarely a moment when something isn’t booming through your speakers or earbuds. Not to mention the Netflix binges I’m notorious for. There is scarcely 10 minutes in a day where I am not engaging in some form of audio/visual entertainment.

What if you unplugged for a few days and let the silence grow louder? Would you and I hear God more?

On our longest hike of the trip we wound around mountains on the edge of a cliff for 10 miles. The whole hike you’re overlooking the valley directly below you, and the mountains across the way, which are covered with massive glaciers. The beauty is breath taking. You pass waterfalls, wildlife, and wildflowers on your trek to the final destination—Iceberg Lake.

When you finally come to the crest of the hike you see water unlike any color you’ve ever seen before, and large chunks of ice floating all throughout it. As you get closer to the water you can feel the cool breeze coming off the lake—a welcome feeling on a hot summer’s day after a long hike. The lake sits at the base of mountain peaks that jut straight towards the sky. The peaks tower above the lake like watchmen.

If you dare to be one of the brave, or foolish, to go in you’ll discover a water temperature you thought only existed in your water glass at home. We spent a couple hours enjoying the water, taking photos and taking in the sights. I can honestly say it’s the most beautiful part of nature I’ve ever seen. The photos we took are only shadows of what it’s really like to be there.

As I stood there I started to wonder why this place existed. I started to talk with God about it, like you talk about something amazing with an old friend. I didn’t hear an audible voice or anything, but I had this distinct feeling like God was saying something back.

This place exists to dazzle you.

If we’re quiet enough… we can hear/see God is trying to dazzle us. Sometimes it’s in the form of a hug, a kiss, a gift, a gesture, and other times it’s the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen.

When I meditate I go back to the mountains and meet with God. I sit by the side of Iceberg Lake and he reminds me… this place exists to dazzle you. After I finish my meditation, I walk out of my house and begin my workday. If you happen to see me out and about you may see my face glowing.


I met God on the mountain, and now…


I can’t stop.