What sets this program apart?

Most programs similar to ours break each facet into individual programs. You might find a diet program or a fitness camp, but very few bring all aspects we feel are important together in one comprehensive program.

Secondly, most other programs are short-term, with little long-term accountability and growth. Veritas is needed because we affect youth in a completely different method. The variety of techniques, depth we delve into with the youth and length of the program bring a holistic improvement to participants.

Why does the program focus on the physical and nutritional needs as well as the spiritual/emotional?

We believe every person is designed to function with all of these aspects in harmony. Veritas Life Adventures was created to shape lives, with a balance between each of these components. You get one shot at life and it is up to you to take care of, protect, fine tune, and grow the body, mind, and spirit you have been given. Only with a well-­‐balanced and properly functioning total being can you truly experience and enjoy the life you were meant to live.

What makes an ideal participant?

Our program is designed to target youth ages 15-18. These individuals desire to improve their body, mind and spirit while committing to a year-long program with three trips.

Why does the program last a year in length?

If a year seems too long, consider that we believe it takes a month to build healthy habits, and a year will really build your spiritual, nutritional and physical lifestyle habits.

If a year seems too short, rest assured. For those who demonstrate the perseverance, desire, and availability, there will always be a way to continue as a participant, volunteer, or follower of the program through several methods of community.

Why are there different levels of the program and why can't I just pick and choose the trips I want to go on?

Every great person we know had to start at the beginning, and work their way up. That is why we must do our due diligence, not looking for the easy way, for only in working hard can we learn and fully appreciate a life fully blessed.

Allow us to get you started, or restarted, on your journey, as you take in all the experiences that come with living life to the fullest.

Why is the number of youth participants limited to 15 per year?

Our program is designed for smaller groups in part as a nod to Jesus’ nurturing of his 12 disciples—major life changes occurred in that nucleus of learning over a three-year time period.

The smaller number of youths in the program also allows for better youth-to-leader ratios on the trips throughout the year. We strive to never have more than five youths per leader and our goal is three youths per leader or less to achieve the most one-on-one mentor interaction possible.

Why are the requirements to be accepted into the program so extensive, and why are the programs so work-­‐intensive once you are accepted?

We employ an extensive application and selection process to choose participants we feel truly desire for change and growth. It cannot be just about going on fun trips, looking good in a mirror, or even just getting a great pair of hiking shoes. If this is your mindset, it will sabotage your growth and the growth of your fellow participants.

Your acceptance into the program has nothing to do with abilities, financial situations, race/culture, or religion; instead, it will have

everything to do with your desire, determination, and dedication to do everything within your power, and a reliance on God, to grow and change.

Veritas Life Adventures is an ever-­growing, ever- progressing, ever-­changing, and ever-­challenging program that will continue long after the initial year of the program, because your journey doesn’t end at this program’s conclusion.

We believe that you will find that the greater, harder and more challenging the task, the greater the reward, benefits and confidence gained.

Must I be a Christian to participate?

No. An individual’s spiritual journey is a deeply personal thing and should not be judged by anyone except God.

While this is true, we should also let you know we are a Christ-centered organization that will teach, guide, instruct, and strive to live out all that the Bible teaches. We  do not know everything and do not expect others to; therefore, the program encourages and desires all participants, staff, and volunteers to ask questions and seek answers from God.

Our statement of faith is the foundation from which our walk in faith is built and out of which our knowledge of God’s promise of fulfilling life grows. In this program, you will be guided but never coerced, instructed but never dictated, and informed without pressure of conversion, leaving you to determine the truth about God and his son, Jesus Christ, for yourself.