The Cost

Your personal contribution is only $2000 but is based on an income sliding scale. Scholarships are available. You will be contacted after application processing and acceptance to the program for final cost determination.

The actual cost per youth seeker is $4000, saving you $2000. This includes the three trips/year and all monthly program fees.

The real cost will be in the form of life changes, which take a lot of time, effort, and perseverance.  Will you overcome our society’s pressures, temptations, and attempts to deceive you about what is important and desirable in life? The choice to take action is yours.




Ages 15-18

Acquire the points earned by various activities attended, meals prepared, workouts completed, etc. necessary to attend the three major trips.

All participants must show they have the desire and will to:

Invest the time and determination to commit to a year-­long program
Work out at least 30 minutes a day
Have the ability and openness to travel to new places, experience new cultures, and try new things (that includes new foods!)
Exhibit the strength of body, mind, and spirit to adapt and overcome obstacles that arise within themselves and from outside influences.




The youth programs have up to 10 participants embarking on three week‐ long trips per year.  Veritas Life Adventures’ desire is to have a youth‐to‐leader ratio of no more than 5:1, with the goal ratio of 3:1 per trip.

Programs are progressive in nature, with each participate graduating from beginning level to advanced. Each youth program group is required to attend one or two basic trips held each year, while showing progress in interim continuation practices (physical, emotional, spiritual) before advancing to next program in line.

The Awakening (basic) trip is within the state of the participant’s home and consists of:

  • basic portion, nutrition, and cooking practices
  • a light exercise program focused on yoga, hiking, and cardio
  • introductory conversations regarding each participant’s emotional and spiritual state

The Forging (intermediate) trip ranges in location across continental U.S. All advanced activities during the intermediate trip will be led by professional, certified and experienced leaders, and will consist of:

  • showing individual competence of healthy eating and cooking
  • intermediate level exercise programs in intermediate yoga, long­‐distance hiking (backpacking), strenuous activities (rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and other advanced outdoor activities), as well as advanced total-body strengthening and conditioning exercises
  • in-depth personal analysis of emotional and spiritual growth since beginning the program

The Conquering (advanced) trip locations vary across global destinations with emphasis on international travel. All programs and advanced activities during the advanced program are contracted to local professional businesses and guides. The advanced level program is a 10-day trip that focuses on implementing individual leadership abilities including:

  • the participants creating and preparing a daily menu of healthy meals
  • designing and leading daily workout routines that incorporate a balanced blend of all exercise types, advanced & locale-specific outdoor activities (e.g., zip-lining through a rainforest in Costa Rica)
  • developing individual plans, goals, and accountability measures for continued introspection about beliefs and ideals that will continue beyond the program’s duration



This program targets youth who are actively involved in church youth and/or after school programs, and have the potential and fire within them to be more than their current circumstances or experiences allow. We are looking for those who are driven by something deep within to be all they were designed to be, reaching for their fullest potential, and living an abundant life beyond what society, peers, or circumstances tell them. Through the program, we will teach them to understand what is driving them, connect them to it, and help them manifest it in their individual lifestyles. Each trip is specifically designed to challenge and grow participants on multiple fronts.

Those who choose to participate will undergo daily, weekly, and monthly challenges that create a continual process throughout the year—or years, for some. We strive for growth, strength, and understanding in each participant between the trips. The program identifies, encourages change in and advises balance in the following areas: the individual’s mind, body, and spirit. Participants learn how to harness and harmonize these three key areas by expanding their horizons and learning new techniques and routines that are designed to bring about lifelong positive changes.

Body (Physical) 

All participants will be started at a basic level—which may be challenging even for those who exercise regularly—and work their way up. If you participate and stick with the program, you will gain strength, and you will be doing more than you ever thought possible. Here is a list of example exercises we will be doing throughout the program:

  • Breathing exercises that are key to properly training your body and connecting it to your mind and spirit
  • Yoga: starting with basics, moving to complex routines by the end of the year to increase strength and flexibility
  • Interval training: using your body weight and plyometric exercises in intervals to maximize heart conditioning
  • Strength-training: using body weight and traditional weights to supplement the other workouts
  • Cardiovascular conditioning: running and constant heart-­rate exercise to build endurance

All of the above is mixed with hikes, sports, and other physical activities within and outside of the program. We highly encourage you to make your physical conditioning your own; join athletics within school and create your own workout routines if you are at the advanced level. You will be required to do some form of physical activity to stay in the program, but what that looks like depends entirely on you.

Youth Director (Cory) and Seeker (Martyn) completing the Veritas Fit Test :: Conquering Trip 2016

Youth Director (Cory) and Seeker (Martyn) completing the Veritas Fit Test :: Conquering Trip 2016

Body (Nutritional)

This part of the program is not designed to radicalize your diet and eating lifestyle. We aren’t trying to turn you into a vegan or even a vegetarian by the end of the year, although it is possible you will choose to become one or the other!

This part of the program will educate you about proper nutritional practices while broadening your boundaries on the variety of foods you will eat. By doing this, you can reach your unique balance that leaves you feeling energized and well at the end of the day. We also provide recipes and other tools on our Resources Page.

Seekers preparing a meal :: Forging Trip 2013

Seekers preparing a meal :: Forging Trip 2013

Mind (Emotional)

Your mind’s health is just as important as your physical state, and it is partially dependent on a strong, properly fueled body. It too must receive adequate care, protection, and exercise. Veritas Life Adventures strives to bring the mind’s importance into focus and nourish it to its full potential. Some studies have shown that we use only 10 percent of our brain’s full potential, and we believe your heart —or your mind’s emotion and will—is the wellspring of life.

Our program challenges you to grow along multiple avenues, but you will have help from God, your peers, family and our staff.

In our program, you will be given tools to help you through the process, such as a journal to write out your thoughts and open discussion forums where you can engage in thought-provoking discussions. With adequate care and exercise, we can begin to tap into that dormant 90 percent and keep your wellspring flowing free and strong.

Seeker in New Zealand :: Conquering Trip 2014

Seeker in New Zealand :: Conquering Trip 2014

Spirit (Soul)

Less tangible than other areas of our program, the focus on nurturing your spirit is also important. Every leader of this program is also on a journey to strengthen his/her spirit, and understand such a journey is a lifelong quest for truth. While we believe that the answers to spiritual health lie in who Christ is and His teachings found in the Bible, we do not expect you to be at this same place in your journey. Questions of the “meaning of life” are one of the main reasons Veritas Life Adventures was established: to give our upcoming leaders the opportunity and safety to search without judgment.

You will be encouraged to ask difficult questions and seek out answers. You will not be alone; you will have your peers to engage with on the path, leaders to guide you, and a freedom to seek at your own pace. Like all other aspects of Veritas Life Adventures, we will ask and seek in progression. You will also be given tools and resources to continue on your journey, such as suggested readings, podcasts and other informational outlets, plenty of time set aside to reflect on the ideas and questions, and access to mentors and leaders to help you along the way.

Seekers and Directors reflecting after a day's hike :: Conquering Trip 2016

Seekers and Directors reflecting after a day's hike :: Conquering Trip 2016

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