Welcome Seekers, future Seekers, and all those supporting them.  Here you will find all the information necessary to help you on your Veritas path.  Also, please check out our current Seekers’ bios that give a glimpse of who they are, what they are doing with Veritas, and how you can help support and partner with them.


Dallas Seekers

Martyn Staalsen

2015-16 Seeker

Martyn is a Senior in High School, living with family in Midlothian, TX. He enjoys backpacking with his father and twin brother, Ian, as well as playing his cello and running the sound board for his youth group. A second year Seeker, he has thrived in the program displaying a lifestyle in the three major aspects well.

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Nathan Garner

2015-16 Seeker

Nathan is a Sophomore in High School. He lives in Lillian with his family, and is the oldest of three children. You can find him on the football field playing ball or marching with his trombone in the band. Camping, fishing, kayaking, and hiking are a few of the many activities he enjoys with his family on the weekends. Though he is our youngest Seeker, Nathan is not young in maturity or zeal for life.  He looks forward to the challenges of his second year with the Veritas lifestyle, and we can't wait to see his growth throughout the year.

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Ian Staalsen

2015-16 Seeker

Ian is a second year Seeker, and a Senior in High School. He lives in Midlothian, TX on three acres. At home, he enjoys throwing the frisbee for his crazy border collie, chasing the two family cats, and hunting for rabbits. His other hobbies include archery, backpacking, camping, cooking, swimming, photography, drawing, eating, and sleeping. He loves to plan backpacking trips for his church and actively participates in his youth group.

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