Blind Corners, Tent Making, and Absurd Abundance: Part one of three

There are times in life where it seems like chaos reigns, where it feels like life is one whirlwind of an uncontrollable downward spiral leading to a bottomless vortex, and you are unable to escape.  Geez, that went super dark quick; but if we can be honest, that is our reality at times, no? 

On top of these feelings, every torrent pulling you powerless in unforeseen directions leads you towards blind corners that makes it difficult to take one more step.  Because, let’s face it, you don’t know where that step leads, if it is solid ground, or if it will lead in the direction of  “prosperity and growth”…or just further down the rabbit hole.

So I ask, as I did myself, where do you turn in such turbulent waters? As the last few months of my life has lead from one blind corner to the next, it left me faced with a truth I had somehow forgotten. 

Human will and understanding will only get you so far. 

As much as we want to control and foresee what tomorrow will bring, the truth is, we have absolutely no idea.  This is where one of the foundational principles of Veritas Life Adventures had to slap me in the face.


When it comes down to it, whether it is faith in Christ or in something else, just something greater than yourself; does this not make the difference in whether you take that next step, or become frozen in despair?

And while faith in other things (people, new toys, a new cause, even a religion) will sustain for a while, I have found them to be shallow and temporary solutions.  All lacked the power to fulfill, always leaving me wanting more after a while, and only make me feel good if they bring a good result.  But when blind corner came after blind corner, when faith in all the ‘things’ weren’t enough, when I felt myself finally overwhelmed to the point of drowning, that’s when a hand reached down.  A hand so familiar, just on the edge of memory, that pulled me up despite my doubts and said, “follow me, and I will make you….”.

And I stepped, a shaky still hesitant step, but a walk that grew stronger with each one.  Now, I know my blind corners aren’t blind to Him. No matter how many times I stumble and doubt, He is always there with a hand outstretched, clearing the way for me, if I only but trust and follow.

Doesn’t this speak to something in us we desperately desire, yet fight desperately not to admit?

We can’t see beyond the blind corners, but we can know Him who does, just have….


And in the end He will make your paths straight, as you will see in the next edition.

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