Card Workout 1.0

Welcome to the first of Veritas' "deck of cards workouts!" Each week (give or take), we will post a workout which requires little to no equipment other than a simple deck of playing cards. Simply shuffle the deck, place it face-down, and then flip over the top card. Using the descriptions below, you will complete the reps and exercise assigned to that card (e.g., if 2-10 of Diamonds are lateral plyo push-ups, and you flip over the 9 of Diamonds, you will do 9 plyo push-ups; if you flip over a queen of any suit, you'll complete 8 shokti kicks, etc.). After completing the necessary reps and exercise indicated by that card, you'll flip over the next card and do the assigned exercise for it. Continue in this manner until you've made it through the entire deck! Good luck! :)

Card Workout 1.0 comes complete with tutorial videos from Grant (and Cassie, sort of). Below is the workout description and the how-to video links.

*** PLEASE use caution, good form, and watch the videos before doing the workout! ***

Card Workout 1.0

Equipment Needed: Wall, chair Optional: weights, bands

Journal Warm-Up

Remember: as quickly as possible with as few breaks as possible, but with GOOD FORM!

2-10 Diamond- # on card is # of lateral plyo push-up

Heart- # on card is # of tricep side push ups each side

Club- # on card is # of 4 hop squat up and 4 groucho walk back

Spade- # on card is # of weighted cheerleaders

Jacks- 4X4s : 2 rounds of 4 V push-ups, 4 push-ups, 4 in-and-outs, and 4 knee-to-elbow push-ups

Queens- 8 shockti kicks to hand stand

Kings- 45 second superman holds

Ace- 1:40 wall squat

Cool Down- 5 minutes total 4-5 Cat to Cow 4-5 Downward Dogs any other stretch

Videos: You can also find the playlist here.