Card Workout 1.2


Welcome to the 3nd card workout of the year: Card Workout 1.2.  Courtesy of our two Seekers Jathan and Erik.  Amazing job creating this and making the video fellas! Same format as the last: complete the reps and exercise indicated by the card as described below. Enjoy!!!!!!!


*** As always, PLEASE, PLEASE use caution, good form, and watch the videos before doing the workout ***

Card Workout 1.1

Equipment Needed: Wall, Elevated surface (chair, box, etc.), pull-up bar Optional: weights, bands, mat, Queen chair, bench press

Journal Warm-Up

Remember: as quickly as possible with as few breaks as possible, but with GOOD FORM!

Diamond: # on card is # of diamond push ups

Heart: # on card is # of pull-ups

Club: # on card is # of cheerleader jumps

Spade: # on card is # of jump knee tucks

Jacks: 10 leg lifts in Queen chair, or 10 assisted leg lifts, or 10 leg lifts

Queen: 10 renegade rows

King: 10 repetitions bench press or 10 elevated push-ups

Ace: 1:30 wall squat

Cool Down- 5 minutes total 4-5 Cat to Cow 4-5 Downward Dogs any other stretch

Instructional (Awesome) video with Jathan, Erik, and friend!