Often I do not feel we actually look, know, or use uncommon words that should definitely be in our vocabulary. So, that being said lets take a look at one that we are reflecting on this week.

[muh-mawr-ee-uh l, -mohr-]
something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc., as a monument or a holiday.

Which is why we have this day to remember those who gave their ultimate sacrifice so that we might have the opportunities, freedoms, and responsibility of carrying their ideals, vision, and spirit forward. It also seems to me that it should not be just one day, and not just to our soldiers, that we have memorials dedicated.  But to all those: friends, mentors, parents, grandparents, and most importantly our Savior and God, who have selflessly given of themselves for our betterment, benefit, and ultimate joy.  

This in it's manifested purpose is the design of the ‘events’, or trips, of Veritas Life Adventures.  It is where our Seekers display, remember, and preserve the memories, lessons, and instruction they have worked hard to apply to their lives over the respective month’s and years. It is where the culmination of all the sweat and sacrificial love of time, money, and patience to see them achieve and flourish in all the gifts within them are seen and represented in the accomplishing of the trip’s goals.  It is also, where those who have given of these sacrifices get to see what they are having the Seekers preserve of them.

Sometimes it is hard to express this memorial, sometimes it is hard to see, but have faith that we as the VLA staff and the Seekers are taking to heart the seeds you are planting, and over time, we hope you will see them grow.

In order to share just a little of what our memorials look like and achieve, here is a short video done of our 2016 Awakening Trip:

And stay tuned as we embark on our 2016 Forging Trip, where our goal will be to preserve and forge the lessons and blessings of those gave us the opportunities to:

  • Climb and summit a mountain over 13,500 feet
  • Challenge our beliefs and find the bedrock of Faith that so many of our forefathers and protectors had, and which, has kept this country going strong.
  • Revel in the beauty of our freedoms, the natural wonders those who protected this nation have preserved, and learn what it means to take responsibility for those two gifts in order to preserve them for those who come after.
Push ourselves physically on our 30 mile trek through mountainous terrain.

Push ourselves physically on our 30 mile trek through mountainous terrain.

A foretaste of our upcoming Wheeler Summit!

A foretaste of our upcoming Wheeler Summit!

So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it. -Isaiah 55:11