Average and not in control

Average and not in control

You are average and you are not in control. Is there any more contradictory statement in our culture today. I mean, your awesome, extraordinary, able to control and do everything...right? Is this really true, and how does this really make you feel? Anxious, Powerful? Let's take an honest and truthful look at this together.

Breaking the Sound of Silence

Breaking the Sound of Silence

Ten thousand people, maybe more, people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening... as big as the world has become, as crowded as it has become, our ability to become isolated in the crowd or lost in the masses has increased with it.  And yet, deep inside our souls, we are begging to break that isolation, that silence; and in doing so have our voices heard, have someone recognize we are there, and really listen to us.  For it is in this acknowledgement we become fully known, we start to heal or progress in our lives, and when we finally truly find joy.

Tuesdays with Morrie

Tuesdays with Morrie

If you were dying, what would you reflect on? Gary found a great little book on a man who contemplates what truly matters when faced with his imminent death, and his ideas on real life giving sources are both inspiring and convicting. 

You Don't Need Anything More

By David Valentine, co-founder of Rethink and partner/board member/practitioner of the Veritas Lifestyle and Veritas Life Adventures


If you were just thinner…if you had a girlfriend, got a raise, made a 4.0, won state, got the newest iPhone, had more sex—you’d be happier. These are the messages we’re sold everyday, usually with some innovative dish soap (how innovative can dish soap be anyway?). The reality is you don’t need anything more than what you have right now to be fulfilled.

You may be thinking, “Come on. Do you know my life? A little extra cash would go a very long way.”The reality is…none of those things would actually fill the void. None of them would bring about the promised fruit, because they bring happiness for a while until that happiness runs out.

The secret to a fulfilling life is contentment. And contentment starts with an evaluation of what you already have in plenty.

Are you healthy? Can you walk, run, jump? Do you have people in your life who genuinely care about your well being? Have you eaten today? How many meals have you had? Do you have a home to go to? Is there air conditioning in that house? How many cars sit on your driveway or in your garage? Is the water you drink clean?

If you’re reading this you have a body—and it’s capable of doing amazing things. More than likely there is someone, somewhere who deeply cares about your well being. It’s reasonable to assume you’ve eaten at least once today (since you’re reading this on the internet). You probably are reading this on your iPhone while sipping a latte at Starbucks in fact.

So…you’re healthy. You are loved, you are fed, clothed, and have a place to call home. Not to mention you never wonder if your water is safe to drink.

You’ve got everything you need right here, right now. The key is to recognize how much you already have.

You don’t need anything more. We already have more than enough.