Awaken oh sleepers

Awaken oh sleepers

Teenagers who scale mountains, wake up at 5 a.m. on their own accord, cook and clean their own meals, research the mysterious of God, can it really be real?  Well our superstar Seekers showed that given the tools and the opportunities, they truly can excel. Come read how in our 2016 Awakening Trip Recap.

The 2015-16 Intro Trip Recap

The 2015-16 Intro Trip Recap

The unexpected theme of our 2015-16 Intro trip.  Primitive weaponry, 40 foot accessions in 20+ mph winds and 40 degrees, moonlight fireside talks, and mouthwatering healthy Texas style chili illuminate the tales we experienced.  Come read and get a feel for yourself what in means to begin seeking after truth.

Why Looking Up Will Change Your Life

By David Valentine, co-founder of Rethink and partner/practitioner of the Veritas Lifestyle and Veritas Life Adventures


I've got a stress problem. You probably wouldn't know it talking with me. On the surface I am calm, whimsical, and light. It's at the depths of my being anxiety lurks. The place which dictates my mental, emotional, and physical health.

At this point you're probably thinking, "Dude...go workout."



I've tried that and it only works in degrees. The entire workout I'm focusing on those situations which are stressful. I exhaust my body, yet my mind continues to churn.

A few months back when my stress level was at an all time peak I took my two dogs for a long run. Like most people I look straight ahead while running outside, because it's the best way not to become a spectacle to passersby.

On this day though I did something absolutely revolutionary

I looked up.

The blue Texas sky reaching from horizon to horizon, the tree branches illuminated by the mid day sun, and the birds which flew by with effortless strokes captured my every thought.

I took a deep breath to remind myself I was alive.

When I looked up to the infinite sky I was reminded of a fundamental truth.

There is more than this.

I am not alone. God is here, and




There's a verse from Paul's letter to the church in Colossae where he states, " Jesus all things hold together."

The cosmos is held together by a God who is good.

My anxiety slowly began to melt away as I marveled at my smallness.

The exercise wasn't relieving my stress, my perspective on life, reality, and truth eased the pressure.

Just then I tripped over my dogs and almost face planted into the concrete. In my attempt to not face plant, I lunged into a pole for a sign reminding patrons of the park to keep their dogs on a leash (you can't make this stuff up). Luckily I held onto the leashes of both dogs. I also avoided anyone seeing me crash, and there was no evidence that I nearly killed myself.

If you happen to be driving through the North Arlington area you may see me running my two dogs looking up towards the sky. Reminding myself, that I am small and God is holding it all together.

Oh and if you see me knocked out next to a sign please assist me.